Agency ANIMA
Anima has been a genuinely Czech concert agency

successful in the Czech music market since 1994

using the most beautiful concert halls.
Live recording - November 2015:

A. Vivaldi - The Spring
J. Massenet - Meditation
L. Boellmnann - Toccata

Performed by
Aleš Bárta - organ
Jakub Janský - violin

In the period of its existence the agency has gained lots of organizational experience and contacts with musicians and orchestras. It is not without significance that Anima organizers took share in the start of concerts on the historical staircase of the National Museum in 1994.

The agency has recently specialized in Organ Concerts, mainly charitable concerts in St Giles Church in cooperation with the Dominican Order Monastery at the St Giles. This concert organ is absolutely unique in Prague, due to its sound as well as to its size. The baroque-romantic pipes number to 3 500. There are three manuals and fifty ranks. Concerts begin at 8 P.M. daily, at 8 or 4.30 P. M. alternatively in the winter season.

The quality of music production is guaranteed by musicians and singers, mostly soloists from renowned music orchestras, including the National Theatre, FOK, The Czech Philharmonic and Professors of the Academy of Performing Arts (e.g. Josef Popelka, the organist), the laureates of many prestigious music competitions (Aleš Bárta, Zuzana Němečková, the organists, Jakub Janský, the violinist…).

The music orchestra under name of Czech String Chamber Ensemble has been established under the leadership of Jakub Janský, the violin soloist, in 1996. Its members, predominantly also soloists, perform in the above mentioned music entities. Their performances have been visited by many Czech and foreign listeners from all over the world to their full satisfaction, without a single complaint.

This is also why the orchestra performs abroad. The ensemble and its soloists have been invited to numerous international performances. Many visits of foreign countries (including Japan, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain and Tunisia) were inspired by the concerts organized by our agency. Both, uniqueness of the baroque-romantic organ as well as exclusive virtuosity of the performers determine programmes of the concerts. Other aspects adhered to in the process of programming the concerts are artistic diversity and variety.

St . Giles Church:
Husova street No. 8
Prague 1 - Old Town

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